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Radisys to present at MWC Barcelona Feb 26th- 29th, 2024. Visit our NetART showcase at Stand 2D50

Radisys Wins the Mobility Prize in Stage Four of the ITS/NTIA 2023 5G Challenge

Radisys Announces Availability of Advanced FR1 4T4R 5G Solution Based on Qualcomm FSM200 5G RAN Platform

Radisys Acquires Mimosa to Accelerate Availability of Broadband Access for Advancing Societies

5G Magazine's Exclusive Interview and Cover Story with Arun Bhikshesvaran

PLDT and Radisys Explore Prospect of a More Exciting and Meaningful Digital Experiences For Filipinos

TMCnet has named Radisys' Engage Intelligent Virtual Assistant as a 2023 Voice Technology Excellence Award winner.

Radisys has been named TMC's 2023 Communications Solutions Product of the Year.

Radisys has been honored with the prestigious TMCnet 2023 Communications Solutions Product of the Year

Radisys Introduces Programmable Media Analytics to Monetize 5G & Edge Cloud Applications

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Elevate user experiences and deliver unparalleled service to end users with Connect Xperience. Enable self support capabilities and give users the power to control all connected devices on their premise at their fingertips with open and flexible device support.


Connect Xperience

Connect Xperience is a robust line of products developed to orchestrate all steps of the CPE lifecycle, from provisioning to intelligent insights. The vendor agnostic, multi-protocol platform enables carriers, operators and xSPs to automate the deployment and support of data, VoIP, IPTV services and fixed wireless access devices regardless of their network infrastructure.

Superior Customer Support

Enhance the User Experience

Uplift the user’s quality of experience with automatic detection and resolution capabilities, a self support portal, and visibility to any connected device on any network at the premise. Connect Xperience streamlines the Wi-Fi experience for users and operators, who benefit from its continuous monitoring, dynamic analytics and business intelligence. Detect and resolve issues automatically for an improved Wi-Fi experience and lower operational costs.

Device Management
TR-069 Device Management

This unified, scalable and robust device management solution enables xSPs to automate the deployment and support of data, VoIP, IPTV, FTTH and FWA devices and services.

Wi-Fi Experience
Wi-Fi Experience

Connect Xperience's Wi-Fi management and optimization toolset is a comprehensive and advanced set of tools enabling the diagnostics, prevention, and resolution of Wi-Fi issues, plus support for standard Wi-Fi devices and QoE monitoring.

QoE and Analytics
QoE and Analytics

Measure quality of service at the subscriber endpoint and proactively identify problems before they are realized by the customer, reducing service calls and churn and increasing customer satisfaction.

User Services Platform
User Services Platform

USP/TR-369 is a standard that has evolved from TR-069. The new standard is more flexible, secure, and a streamlined way to manage both existing use cases of TR-069 and new connected services focused around IoT and smart home at scale.

Technical Support Center
Technical Support Center

Lower your operational costs and modernize the standard customer support and technical support workflows. With our world-class support automation system, we provide your CSR team with a set of tools to increase its efficiency.

Self Support Portal and Mobile App
Self Support Portal and Mobile App

Empower your customer with a user-friendly mobile application. With Connect Xperience's self-support portal and mobile app, designed with the end-user in mind, your customers can enjoy the convenience of self-support at their fingertips.

Speed and Latency Testing
Speed and Latency Testing

This tool is compatible with most international regulatory requirements.

Analytics and BI Report Generator
Analytics and BI Report Generator

Connect Xperience's business intelligence (BI) report generator integrates with some of the most popular third-party solutions and enables the quick and easy generation of fully-featured reports relating to the status of managed devices, their activities, and other important KPIs.

Provisioning Portal
Provisioning Portal

Connect Xperience's provisioning portal automates the provisioning of data, VoIP, and IPTV services, dramatically reducing the cost per subscriber by avoiding the need for a truck-roll and complicated enrollment processes and simultaneously ensuring a smoother user experience.

Key Benefits

Deliver an Enhanced Customer Experience, Reduce Churn

Enable support for all customer premise Wi-Fi devices regardless of the infrastructure

Enable Advanced Support

Quickly perform diagnostics, monitoring and testing of key performance indicators in bulk and efficiently address QoE/QoS impacting incidents

Reduce Cost Of Operations

Reduce support costs with self-service portals, mobile applications, and automated problem resolution capabilities

Quickly Identify and Resolve Wi-Fi Related Problems

Advanced analytics and automatic problem resolution enable xSPs to resolve issues before customers may even become aware there is a problem

Improve the Quality of Triple-Play Services

Perform diagnostics, monitoring and testing of key performance indicators in bulk and efficiently address QoE/QoS impacting incidents


Residential Broadband Access

Support quad-play services—voice, internet, TV, and home security systems—with a cloud-native framework that enables simplified management, operational efficiencies, and greater automation for faster service upgrades.

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Commercial Broadband Access

Empower your enterprise customers to run their business efficiently with dependable broadband services. Enterprise-grade broadband access for voice and data services becomes economically viable with an open and disaggregated network.

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RDOF Support

Accelerate digital evolution in underserved communities with RDOF-compliant, high-performance FTTx networks with maximum cost efficiency. Flexible deployment options for GPON, XGS-PON, ComboPON, and more enable a scalable and reliable network whose technology will last for generations.

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Connect Xperience Solution Brief

A Fully Integrated And Robust Device Management Solution

Connect Xperience helps reduce churn and lowers operational costs. Discover how Connect Xperience solutions help xSPs deliver an unparalleled network and connectivity experience while enhancing their efficiency and profitability.

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