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Voice and Video Transcoding

Maintain omnichannel experience with seamless interoperability


Enable the Evolution of Services Across Networks and Devices

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are accelerating deployments of VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi, VoNR, Unified Communications, Video Collaboration, and WebRTC interactive services, which is introducing a new generation of HD audio and video codecs into the network. Cost-effectively maintaining media interoperability between wide varieties of these next-generation services as well as legacy networks remains a continued challenge for CSPs.

Radisys Engage Media Server enables service providers to deploy high-density transcoding software in the core or at the network edge. By decoupling transcoding from multiple network elements, CSPs can significantly reduce operational complexities and costs by reducing the number of transcoding nodes in their network and eliminate the need for expensive forklift upgrades typically required when adding new HD transcoding capabilities (such as EVS codec) to today’s SBCs and media gateways.

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5G Ready

5G Ready On-the-Fly Edge Media Transcoding

User-generated audio and video content is reshaping media viewing and listening habits. Our Engage Media Server enables service providers to optimize media to ensure the best user experience based on the device, network conditions, codec, and service levels. It can improve the quality of media in real-time or “offline,” based on whether the content is expected to be streamed or broadcasted. User-generated content also requires media adaptation for it to be viewed by users on multiple devices. The economies to perform off-line transcoding and storage may not always make sense and sometimes mandate transcoding on the fly. Engage Media Server enables both off-line and on-demand transcoding, ensuring the lowest cost approach.

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Cloud Ready

High Performance Carrier-Grade Software

Our Engage Media Server platform delivers carrier-class transcoding in a software-only offering with performance-tuned virtualization support, compatibility with NFV architectures and cloud deployment capabilities. It can be deployed on any Intel-based server and supports VMware, KVM, OpenStack and deployment in public clouds, including Amazon EC2.

Key Benefits

NFV-acceleration support for DSP and GPU capacity assist deployable in a cloud environment
Seamlessly interconnect with any network (fixed, mobile, web) using a broad range of HD audio and video codecs
Standards-based IMS compliance for IMS VoLTE, VoNR and RCS
Accelerates deployment of new media services without network complexities
Consolidation of expensive transcoding resources; flexible control interface to enable shared transcoding resource for multi-vendor environments
Carrier-class media processing features in a software product offering